Introducing The Whiskey and Art Podcast

“art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

Pablo Picasso

The Whiskey and Art Podcast is a new podcast in which we will discuss the importance of art as a means to help us understand our life, whether the art is visual, literary, or musical.  We hope to share some interesting back stories on an artist or artwork.  We also discuss how art history reflects the historical, social and political struggles at the time of its creation.  We may well be bearing witness to a new art period in these turbulent times.

Joining me on this journey and exploration into the artworld is Stuart, an art professional. He graduated with a Master’s Degree.  Over the last ten years, he has worked at medium to small size museums.  He has the ability and good humor to help a non artsy type such as myself to understand and better appreciate this amazing art world around us. 

We hope to provide a fun and informative experience for people to discover or rediscover a personal connection to art.  Art is produced by people like us, working hard to find a way to earn an income while keeping their passion for art alive. Artists face the same daily life issues.  They  have chosen to reveal their life, experiences, struggles, triumphs and joy through personal expression and share their art with us. 

Art is personal no matter the medium, or size. And in the artist work, we can sometimes find a personal connection to a piece.  At times it is undefinable, but we feel that connection just the same.  That connection often gives us just a glimpse at our soul, our spirit. In some small way we come to understand ourselves better. I wish I could find the right words to adequately describe what I have felt and seek by going on this art journey. Perhaps you will provide us the right words and share a personal experience of a moment that you felt a deep connection to an artist’s work.

In the episodes we discuss famous artists and well known works of art. Much of our focus will be on interesting backstories. The kind of stories that make us laugh or begin to appreciate the struggles of the artist. We will discuss and interview current artists, visit museums, conduct art walks in various cities and towns, and hopefully provide our listeners ways to connect with the art world wherever they live. Most episodes will be about 20 minutes long so you can enjoy a quick listen.  

The Whiskey and Art Podcast might have been summed up best by Stuart.  In the Introduction episode he states,

“It’s going to be a fun way.  It’s going to be enjoyable.  It will be a look at art in an accessible way, right, for that is who it’s meant for.  Art is meant for all of us.  It’s not something that is exclusive.  So my approach to this is that we are going to look at this, and explore these topics, and present them in a fun, entertaining, enjoyable way.  Short doses of art so that the next time you’re at a place like that you are going to be more comfortable and be able to look at [ sic artwork] a little deeper and a little richer.”

The art world has evolved over the centuries from being the domain of the wealthy who often used art to declare their rank in society.  Now, the art world is for all of us to experience and enjoy.  Though so often you may feel as I do, that sometimes “I just don’t get it”.  The meaning behind a work of art or the value that it attained is beyond my average comprehension.  As Stuart explained to me, 

“Browse the museum, talk to museum personnel about your interest or the areas they would recommend.  As you browse you’ll find the pieces that do somehow connect to you.  It is a feeling, an emotion. You’ll recognize it.”

When you browse a museum seeking that connection rather than trying to understand every piece, the museum becomes fun to visit.  You can find the same enjoyment in an art gallery or while strolling through an art fair.  Speak with the artist.  Speak with the gallery personnel. Or just walk and enjoy the time viewing the artwork, making note of what catches your eye, and contemplate why that piece connects with you.  It’s another look into who we are now and how we may have changed over the years.

Think about it.  Where else besides on TV or at work can we find such drama, comedy, mystery and “what the hell were they thinking” moments!  

In one of our early episodes we will discuss the steps you could take to maximize your experience and time spent at a museum or art gallery.  We’ll discuss ways to help your children or grandchildren to enjoy the experience as well.

I close with a quote attributed to Pablo Picasso.

art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

It’s going to be fun. Please join us.

We’ll have links to the episodes on our blog site, and also, you can find The Whiskey and Art Podcast on Spotify or wherever you stream your podcast.

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