Three First Readers. Three It’s Shite.

For a moment my ego peeked its ugly head into the creative process. My ego had been cast aside, forgotten as I dove head first into my imagination, writing and rewriting and rewriting. Remarkably, and rewarding, from somewhere within the jumble of my thoughts the characters began developing as if they were actually stepping off the pages onto my keyboard and writing the story their own damn selves! Perhaps I should blame the characters for the horrendous critiques spat like acid on me by my first three readers? No? Well, it was just a thought. In fact, and true to my past 50 years, I am only distracting myself from the work needed to produce something worth doing. Seeking whatever reason to quit something that I enjoy doing but is now requiring even more time and effort.

Introducing The Whiskey and Art Podcast

We hope to provide a fun and informative experience for people to discover or rediscover a personal connection to art. Art is produced by people like us, working hard to find a way to earn an income while keeping their passion for art alive. Artists face the same daily life issues. They have chosen to reveal their life, experiences, struggles, triumphs and joy through personal expression and share their art with us.